Afaflbrahim Meleis

Afaflbrahim Meleis, a nurse scholar who writes on theory and evaluating the progress made in the discipline of nursing, defines the construct of philosophy as being,concerned with the values and beliefs ofa discipline and with the values and beliefs held by members ofthe discipline. An individual’s values and beliefs may or may not be
congruent with those ofthe discipline. Philosophy focuses on providing a framework and worldview for asking both ontological and epistemological questions about central values,assumptions, concepts, propositions, and actions
ofthe discipline. Philosophy also provides the assumption inherent in the discipline’s theoretical structure” (Meleis,2012:28).
Think critically and reflect upon your beliefs, assumptions and values asrelated to the metaparadigm concepts of nursing, person, environment and health to develop your own personal philosophical statement about nursing.This assessment item will be developed following yourfirst week on clinical placement and priorto your second block placement. Recognising that you have limited clinical experience at this stage in your Bachelor of Nursing,you will be required to widely research the work ofa number of nurse scholars to ascertain theirvarying philosophical views about nursing. Whilst wide sourcing of evidence is expected, you are reminded that the philosophical statement is to reflect your own personal beliefs, assumptions and values and therefore your statement must be in your own words (no use of direct quotations or paraphrasing is permitted forthis assessment item).