Marketing plan for Atlantis The Palm Hotel in Dubai

Marketing plan for Atlantis The Palm Hotel in Dubai
Paper details:
The Strategic Marketing Plan Project:
The objective of the strategic marketing plan paper is to provide practical experience in market analysis, determination of marketing strategy options and the development of a realistic and costed marketing implementation strategy, in a context relevant to the student’s day-to-day working environment. The assignment requires you to prepare a 3-year strategic marketing plan for an organization of your choice (business unit/market or specific product). This 3-year plan will also detail a one-year implementation strategy. The assignment will be completed using the marketing planning workbook written by Nicholas Ashill for this course. This workbook has been developed to assist participants understand the basic steps involved in the marketing planning process. (Find it attached)
please follow the marketing plan template page 36, don’t do page 1 and 2 ( introduction and executive summary)
please note that all currency should be in AED ( UAE Dirhams).
for the financial statement, since Atlantis is not providing us with their financial statement, do a market based estimation of costs. Please keep in mind to make it specific to Dubai.