Branch Network Department Report/ Branch networking/Payments (Tower 1).

Branch Network Department Report/ Branch networking/Payments (Tower 1).
What does (Payment Department) do?
–    Payments: Is when a customer asks to transfer money to another account in a monthly basis.
–    Incentives: Pay for auto lease employees by having the names list and the account numbers.
–    Public loans: paying for public institutions as as Real Estate Development Fund through the client bank account.
MIS section
–    MIS section, usually they print reports for all departments in the bank daily, weekly, and monthly. It shows the performance of the branches and where is the problem.
–    Reports about credit card, how many cards are issued and how many cards are in hold.
–    Reports for branches show how many credit cards daily they receive. Monthly reports in the reasons why still there are pending cards.
–    A loans report, how many loans does the bank issue.
–    Reports sent to the quality and control in order to evaluate the branch network.
–    Auto lease reports, MIS send three daily reports:
1-    Direct sales + phone banking.
2-    Number of sales for regional managers.
3-    Sales ratio for higher management.
Inquiry department
–    Any questions from branches and other departments in the bank. Ex: if the branch asks for the order status of the client.
–    They use in the system these programs: Capri + FDR + finacle.
–    The client asks to merge to different credit cards in one card.
–    The branches authenticate the signature of the client, and then send it to the branch networking.
–    In the system they use finacle core.
–    Paying for public loans through Sadad, this is connected through finacle.
Credit Card Tower (2)
The credit Card department receives the applications from the branches all over the kingdom. The department function goes through many stages; they are registration, prescreening, Simah report, credit card analysis, data entry, issuing the card, and control.
The systems used in the credit card department are:
–    Internal database.
–    Vision plus (FDI).
–    CAPRI.
–    Simah.
Prescreening stage
?    The employees receive the applications for applying for a credit card from the branches, phone sales, and direct sales.
?    The applications may contain adding the limit of the card, extra card, and promote the card.
?    The employees have to check the client’s status in CAPRI program, in order to know if the client has already a card or a loan. The employees will print the report and attach it with the application.
Customer summary report
The employee has to print this report which contains:
–    Transaction history.
–    Client account details.
–    Customer summary report.
Simah Report
Orders of direct sales:
–    First the employee has to check the client at Simah website.
–    The employee has to update the client account if it is old, or adding a new one if the client does not have any account because the client does not have any credit card or a loan.
–    Printing the report of Simah to study the client case in order to see it he has any obligation.
Analysis in LOS program
?    The employees will make a scan for the order of credit card in LOS program. The scan will contain the application of credit card, and the ID.
?    The employee will go to the client account through CAPRI program in order to study the client case according to his/her monthly salary.
?    The rate of deduction will be:
–    33.33% for employees.
–    25% for retirements.
?    If the rate of deduction more than the specific rate, the employee will reject the order.
?    Reasons for rejecting the order of a credit card are: (1) if the salary has obligation of 10000 riyals. (2) if the person who has wealth has obligation of 1000.
?    Pending applications because the information in the application is missing in some parts.
Data Entry
–    The employee opens the order of a credit card and she sees the kind of the order, then she enters the information of the client it in the program (FDI).
Issuing the credit card
–    The employees are using the program (FDR).
–    The employee has to check the client information before issuing the card.
–    The employee has to check the analysis was according to: salary or wealth.
–    The employee is authorized to put the limit of the card according to the kind of the card.
–    Finally she prints the form of issuing the credit card and she attaches it with the form to the control section.
–    The employees of control will take the executed orders and make a control on it.
–    The employee has to check all the information, if the application is approved the employee has to send it to the archive, and if the application is rejected the employee has to send it to the archive and after a month it will be destroyed.
Tower (3)
Accounts unit
Mailing department
–    Mailing department receive the opening new accounts and the updated accounts from the branches.
–    The mailing department starts to divide the documents into residents and citizens. They put each 20 documents together.
Branch Network job
–    At the beginning, the supervisor prints a report how many the branches opened new accounts, in order to wait for the documents to arrive from the branches. After one week the supervisor sends to the branches managers that there is missing documents haven’t arrive to the branch network.
–    The employee checks if the documents are complete (opening new account and updated accounts).
–    The employee updates the accounts in the system, and then she adds the signature into the system.
–    The employee must check that there is FATCA form (TAX Form).
–    Finally, they send the documents to the archive.
?    When the branch network return some of the documents that have missing information, the branch network gives the client seven days to complete the information or they will freeze the account until he/she come and complete the document.
Remonstrance cheques
–    The employee uses Finacle program.
–    The client asks for Application to have account in Simah in order to check his/her status.
–    If a client came to the branch to withdrawal a cheque, and there was a problem in the clients account who gave the cheque. The withdrawal will open a remonstrance cheque.
–    The employee must check on the remonstrance cheque the branch stamp, copy of the cheque, copy of the clients’ photo, and the remonstrance cheque form.
Tower (4)
Auto lease
?    Auto lease department receive reports from all over the kingdom about the auto lease have been sold through ANB.
?    The documents of Auto lease must contain the following:
–    Form contains the commissary name, the client name, the cost of the car, and the bar code (special for clients).
?    The stamp of the car company and the bank.
?    Approving pledge of receiving the car with all the specifications asked for.
?    Insurance is a must; the employee has to compare the information of the insurance with the driving license in order to make sure everything is right.
Insurance and license information
–    The employee uses FINNONE program
–    Insurance is for one year.
–    The employee adds the license information (must be valid for 3 years).
–    Adding the chassis number which is unique for each car.
?    The employee has to check how many money the bank has to pay for the car company.
?    The employee has to check that the car company has received the amount by checking the companies’ account.
?    After paying to the car company, the employee has to put all the documents together with the spare key and send it to the archive.