You Be the Judge

You Be the Judge
You be the Judge  – The teacher candidate will act as a hearing officer judge in two case analyses.
1.Read through the entire court case
2.Cite specific rules and regulations to support your decision for each case (e.g. IDEA, 34 C.F.R. ? 300.530 (e)(1)).[Be sure to provide references on a separate reference page per APA.]
3.Each case analysis should be 2-3 pages double spaced and should be written in an objective manner that interprets the case through federal, state and case law. (Discuss each: federal, state, and case law.) (Optional: Feel free to use case law from the state in which you reside to help make the assignment more meaningful.)
4.Make sure that you address each Issue shown at the end of the cases. (You might consider using each Issue as a heading too.)
[CDE: 9.06(8)(c)(i-vi)]
[CEC: CC1(K1-K8)]
[CEC: GC1(K3-K5), K8; GC5K1]