The five most important things I have learnt:

The five most important things I have learnt:
?    I have learnt that communicative actions or/and speech acts are different across cultures. So, as L2 or FL teacher, I will take into consideration such differences in teaching English.
?    I have become aware of the relationship between pragmatic competence and politeness and how politeness strategies are different from one culture to another. Also, I have learnt how important is to involve politeness education in L2 or FL classes. Therefore, teaching L2 or FL politeness will be an important part in my teaching of English.
?    I have learnt that language along with other factors (e.g. traditions and culture) determines the way we see the world. Moreover, I have become cognizant of a number of studies conducted on investigating Whorfian hypothesis. Indeed, such information supported my knowledge as a teacher of English at university.
?    I have learnt that there is a strong relationship between language and culture. Also, acquiring the second language necessitates adapting to the second language culture.
I have become aware of the importance of code switching as a communication strategy in facilitating interaction. As a L2 or FL teacher, I will make my students aware of such communication strategy that they would use during speech.