Research Essay

Research Essay
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ANSWER THE FIRST 8 QUESTIONS 🙂 and create your own question that you find similar to the previous 8 and answer it as Question 9.
MST3MIN: Media Industries 2015 Essay Questions
Research Essay 2000 words 50%
Due 28th May by 5.00 pm, submitted via turnitin
1. Social media has transformed the relationship between the media and media users. Discuss the implications of this statement in the context of one Australian media sector.
2. Is public service broadcasting an anachronism in the digital era? Your discussion should canvas a range of perspectives exploring the arguments behind each.
3. Is regulating media ownership to preserve diversity sound policy in the global era? Drawing on recent debates about media ownership regulation in Australia, discuss the current issues at stake for both the public and Australian media companies in the digital era.
4. How is journalism as a profession being challenged by new media? Issues that could be covered are: professionalism, citizen media, blogging, online journalism, social networking, Web 2.0 and user generated content (UGC), customised news, and journalism ethics.
5. How have global satellite newscasters changed television news? Your answer should discuss the impact of the leading satellite newscasters – CNN, BBC World, Al Jazeera and FoxNews – on the television news reporting – how it is gathered, how it is broadcast and how it is consumed. This requires some reference to the earlier news practices of mainstream national television broadcasters.
6. What are the challenges and possibilities for public interest journalism in 2015? You may take a case study approach in answering this question; you could for example focus on disaster reporting (floods or bushfires), or climate change, or any major social issue. You should include discussion of all media platforms – print, broadcast, online and social media in your discussion.
7. How is our experience of media industries in the digital era mediated by our modes of access?
8. Should the financial interest protected by copyright outweigh the right to privacy when regulating piracy? You can use current Australian case studies like the Federal Court ruling for ISPs to disclose details of account holders to Voltage Pictures, or consider how the issue has been handled by other countries, or attempts at international regulation.