Paired and Independent t-test

Paired and Independent t-test
The t-test is a frequently used statistical procedure that compares the means of two groups. There are two versions of the test based on whether the two groups are matched or not matched. Matched groups (also known as paired groups or samples) share many common characteristics, whereas unmatched groups (or independent groups or samples) do not. You must be able to identify which version of the t-test should be used in a given situation.
Course Text: Essentials of Biostatistics in Public Health
Chapter 6, “Confidence Interval Estimates,” (sections 6.4 through 6.7, pp. 106–118)
Need an example of how to use a t-test to analyze the data from the Table of Variables in the Learning Resources. Then, list the grouping variable and continuous variable that you would include in the analysis. Finally, state which t-test you would use in your analysis and why that is the most appropriate.