Task 1: Design a qualitative study
Length: 1200 words
a. Identify a topic of interest and a relevant research problem*. Briefly describe the topic (3-5 references). Identify the purpose of your study and pose a relevant qualitative research question.
b. Choose one approach from Generic Qualitative, Grounded Theorising, Phenomenology or Discourse Analysis. Describe the approach. Describe why you have chosen this approach for this research question.
c. Choose a data collection method appropriate to the research question and the chosen qualitative approach (e.g. interviews, ethnography). Describe the method. Describe why you have chosen this method.
d. Describe how you will ensure that the research is ethically appropriate.
e. Briefly describe how you will analyse the data. Describe what the results of the analysis will be (e.g. themes, a theory) and how they will contribute to understanding of the topic.
And then
200 words on Describe validity and critically discuss at least two different approaches to ensuring rigour in qualitative research
200 words on Describe and critically discuss reflexivity and why it is important for qualitative research