Gendet discrimination is no longer a major issue.

Gendet discrimination is no longer a major issue.
Make a discussion essay, In writing the essay, you will need to use at least 12 academic sources and at least 4 type of sources.
these sources must include: at leasr two sources accessed via the UNSW Library, for example, the library catalogue or the search First
Gateway. at least two sources from the reading list(Bobbitt-Zeher , D. (2011)‘Gender Discrimination at Work: Connecting Gender
Stereotypes ,institutional ‘Policies, and Gender Composition of Workplace’ Gender & Society December. Vol. 25 no 6, 764-786
lnglehart, R., Norris, P., Welzel C.(2002) ‘Gender equality and democracy’
Sociology, Volume 1, issue 3-4, 321-345
McCook, A. (2013) ‘Women in biotechnology: Barred from the
Nature, 7 March vol. 495, 25-27
http:llwww.nature.comlpolopoly fsl1.12546!lmenulmainltopColumsltopLeftCoumnlpdfl495025a.pdf
Ray, R., Gornick, J.C., and Schmitt, J. (2010) ‘Who cares? Assessing generosity and gender
equality in parental leave policy designs in
21 countries’ Journal of European Social Policy July /rl.20(3), 196-216
Although the Reading List sources may include UNSW Library database sources, you are required to find two additional UNSW Library database sources