6000 and 7000 series of Aluminum alloys used in aircrafts

6000 and 7000 series of Aluminum alloys used in aircrafts
One of the most important roles for engineers is to communicate complex ideas and topics to other engineers, customers, business people, and the public. As you progress through the mechanical engineering curriculum you will become familiar with writing to all these audiences. To begin your engineering writing career, you are going to complete a semester long term paper on a topic in materials science that interests you. The paper will be written such that it will provide another engineer with a basic understanding of the field you researched.
While the final version of the paper is due during the last week of classes, the project has been broken up in several stages to ensure that you are progressing at an appropriate pace. Initially, you will need to select an appropriate topic. Your research topic must be approved by Dr. Tuttle prior to the rough draft, and on the date stated in the syllabus for you to receive credit. Then you will need to use SciFinder to locate papers and request a copy of them through Inter-Library Loan (ILL). A “me 250” tag has been created in the library’s catalog system to provide a set of recommended beginning level materials books. These books may also be helpful. Once you have found your papers and read them a rough draft will be turned into Dr. Tuttle for evaluation. After that you will create a final draft and submit it to him. All due dates are listed in the course syllabus. Papers are due at the start of the class they are due on. LATE PAPERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!!! Students who do not turn in a paper on time will receive a zero for the assignment.
Research Topics
Selection of your research topic is extremely important for a number of reasons. First, the topic should be something that is easy to research information on. Second, it needs to be narrow enough that you are not overwhelmed by the number of papers available. And most importantly, you need to be interested in it. Balancing the breadth and depth of a topic can be the most difficult part of a research paper which is why you are submitting your topics to Dr. Tuttle for approval. Some example topics are:
? Failure of Steel Components in Arctic Conditions
? Thermomechanical Grain Refinement of High Strength Low Alloy Steels
? Effect of Carbon Fiber Orientation on Composite Properties
? Advances in Aluminum-Lithium Alloys
? Strengthening by Polymer Entanglement
? Improving Cryogenic Steels
? Machinability of Cast Iron
? Formability of Steels
? Deformation in TRIP Steels
? Composite Manufacturing
? Machinability of Steel
? Development of Conductive Polymers
? Improvements in Fiber Optic Materials
? Use of Polymer Composites in Automotive Exteriors
? Composites in Sporting Equipment
? Improving the Ballistics Resistance of Ceramics