3.2 SWOT Analysis

3.2 SWOT Analysis
1.    Read Duncan, W. J., Ginter, P., & Swayne, L. (1998). Competitive advantage and internal organizational assessment. Academy of Management Executive, 12(3), 6-16. from The Academy of Management Executive. You learned about the library links in Week 1. The password will be given by the instructor at the beginning of this assignment.
The so-called SWOT analysis has been around for almost 40 years and continues to be a useful way of assessing the relationship between a company’s competitive advantage, that is, its strengths and weaknesses, and the external environment, opportunities and threats. You may notice that the structure of this course follows this model. The objective of the internal analysis of your client’s firm is to try to identify strengths that can be capitalized upon and weaknesses that can be ameliorated in the interaction between the firm and its environment. This article offers a model for integrating SWOT concepts with other more modern approaches to strategy formulation. By now you should understand the pattern and emphasis of this course: relating theory to practice.
You’ll notice from reading Chapter 4 that one of the tools that can be used for analyzing the success of a company’s strategy is a SWOT analysis. You’ll discover that the value chain analysis in the article is also discussed in chapter 4 of the text. By reading and understanding this article, you will improve the quality of your internal analysis.
2.    Post your answers to the following questions in the discussion area.
1.    What are the key elements of the author’s approach to internal assessment? (4 points)
2.    Which of these elements make sense in the context of your client’s business? (4 points)
3.    How could you go about adapting this theoretical approach to consulting practice? (4 points)
4.    Your own analysis and creativity are important in your response. (4 points)
5.    Give your thoughtful analysis of at least two other class member’s posts. (5 points)
6.    Your post should be formatted properly and spelling and grammar will be checked. (4 points)
7.    Total points for this post = 25 points