Forensic odontology

Forensic odontology
This assessment will require you to select an area of forensic
biology of particular interest to you, and to explore the topic critically, providing an
informative, standalone powerpoint presentation. This presentation is not to be orally
presented in class. It instead is intended as a prospective reference tool for inclusion in a
database of online presentations for second year student learning. Therefore, you will be
presenting the area in an informative, interesting, interactive and independent way: you
need to have enough information present for it to be understandable without oral
accompaniment. You may support the presentation with a one page (A4, single-sided)
“fact sheet” which provides useful notes or expansion for the reader.
You are expected to discuss the use of this forensic biological area in a particular case,
with critical discussion of its utility in that context.
An important aim of the exercise is to gain practice in the effective communication of
ideas and information in PowerPoint format, which is an important generic skill to have.
This will be a key consideration in the assessment of the exercise.
Teams: The assignment may be undertaken in pairs, or individually.
The task:
1. The presentation must be in an area of Forensic Biology.
2. The following elements need to be prepared for submission for assessment.
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on your selected topic. If you work as a pair you
may prepare up to 25 slides, plus title slide and references. If you work alone you may
prepare 20 slides, plus title slide and references. The presentation needs to have a title
slide showing all the authors of the presentation.
The presentation must be submitted on CloudDeakin by monday
extension compared to unit guide). Only one student of each pair should submit the
presentation and fact sheet on CloudDeakin. Each student will be assigned the same
mark; therefore, an equal effort is expected.
3. The use of material from lecture Powerpoint slides is limited to one slide of your
presentation. It must be essential to your presentation to warrant inclusion.
Marking the assignment: Marks will be allocated to include the following criteria:
content, critical element, case study, degree of conceptual challenge, clarity of
communication of information, imagination and creativity, use of images and diagrams,
and production skills. Some useful links have been placed on CloudDeakin.