coming of age

coming of age
An expanded definition and interpretation of the chosen theme in the context of Australian Cinema (including theoretical definitions and cultural perspectives)
coming of age for Candy(2006) & FERNGULLY (Animation)
What did it mean before/ now and to focus on discussing about what these 2 films (Candy & Ferngully) link to the theme ( Coming of age), and 120 words each for the film review itself, and explain what does coming of age stand for/ what does coming of age mean? 5 references from the list of recommenced readings. the readings list will be uploaded as well.
An overview of the history theme within Australian cinema (contextualised within global cinema)
at one time it might have been war
america it prom, australia it seems to be experience.
EXAMPLES of a range of films as examples that express that theme
Illustrative images and other supporting material, but no clips.