Serving Customers in Global Markets

Serving Customers in Global Markets
Selecting a company?s communication message complete the following tasks dealing with Memory & Learning and Motivation. As before you may refer to a website, a TV advert, a billboard or a direct mail/brochure.
Write a report which includes the following two sections:
1) In week 3 you studied theories of Memory and Learning and we discussed Behavioural and Cognitive approaches to learning. Using any appropriate example (which can include one of the examples used in Assignment 1) explain how predominantly either a Behavioural or a Cognitive approach, or a combination of both is being employed. Explain your answer by reference to the some of the topic areas covered in class.
2) Using the Motivation theories discussed in Week 4 create a ?Needs-Drive-Goal diagram for your selected item and suggest what Motivational theory is being used by the organisation concerned; by relating this to the theories of Maslow, Vroom or Adams.
discuss for your example its use of intrinsic or extrinsic motivation, positive or negative motivation and whether it employs rational or emotion motives to achieve its objective.