Characteristics of the Serial Rape Scenario

Characteristics of the Serial Rape Scenario
Using the organized-disorganized continuum, write a paper (1–2 pages) describing the characteristics of the offender from the serial rape scenario.
-Use the physical/behavioral evidence as a primary guide to understand the offender’s behavior.
-What are the characteristics associated with this offender?
-Remember that the crime scene will fit somewhere on the continuum, not simply organized or disorganized.
-How does the fact that this is a repetitive offender affect your decision?
-How do you think using the continuum will help in solving this case?
-How would you use this information in a testimony in the courtroom?
Serial Rape Scenario
The serial rapist is attacking women in the city. The attacks occur as follows: He targets women at a
major mall; all of his victims were shopping at the skill mall. Women carrying shopping bags about to
enter their vehicles are suddenly rushed by a previously unseen assailant who pushes them into their
He forces them to hand over their keys and then he drives to dirt roads just outside town. He assaults
his victims by telling them to remove their clothing and underwear and then penetrates them using his
fingers. Afterwards he tells them to get dressed and drives them back to the mall they were shopping
at and drops them off at a distant corner. He then drives off; their cars are later found in parking lots of
stores that are open 24 hours a day.
He has attacked a total of 6 women so far. He will sometimes look through his victims’ purses,
stealing cash and coins but leaving their credit cards and checkbooks.
Other facts:
The victims range in age from 22 to 63 years of age. They do not resemble each other.
The women were all shopping at night, were carrying at least two bags of items, and had their cars
parked at or near the far end of mall parking lots.
Their attacker is described as being between 5’4” to 5’6” tall; weight around 140 pounds with a thin
build. His clothing is dirty and he wears dark blue jeans and a dark grey or green jacket. He also wears
thin leather work gloves, and he only removes the right glove when he is actually penetrating his
victims. His victims cannot see his face since he wears a ski mask. They are unsure of his age but
generally agree that he is either in his late teens or early 20’s. He also has noticeable body odor.
The victims state that his verbal behavior usually consists of “Get in the car!” “Give me your god-damn
keys!” and “Shut up!” Some of the women plead with him but he usual response is “Shut up and you
won’t get hurt!” During the sexual assault, he tells them to “Get your clothes off now!” He has never
displayed a weapon.
The victims also report that he refers to their genitals as “thingy,” such as “Let me push my fingers in
your thingy” or “You have a nice looking thingy.” All the victims report that he never swears or makes
them say things during the assault.
Most of the victim’s think that he is a poor driver. One even stated that they were briefly stuck in the
mud at the scene of her attack and she had to tell him how to rock the car to get out. That victim also
notes that he mumbled a “thank you” after he followed her advice. None of the victim’s tried to resist
him, either physically or verbally except to plead with him not to kill them. His response to their
pleading was “I won’t, okay”?
He has not so far left any recoverable DNA on/in his victims. Because of his gloves, no fingerprints
have been recovered from the victim’s or their vehicles. There is no indication that he collects trophies
or souvenirs from his victims. None of his victims have been injured to the point that they required
over-night hospitalization.