Argue a case AGAlNSTthese policies of restrictions

Argue a case AGAlNSTthese policies of restrictions
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The Australian Commission on Safety and quality in health Care identifies 7 patients rights. The first ofthese is Access. The intended meaning ofthis as stated on the brochure for patients is ”I can access services to address my health care needs”(http://vwvw.safetyand Johnstone(2009,p.136)identifies access to health care as complex and controversial, and sensitive moral issue. There are also some barrierto access that are put in place intentionally by health services. For
example a weight limit of15okg maximum applies for access as inpatients in smaller rural hospital in Australia. Patients who exceed the weight limit must seek treatment at a hospital that is designated as suitable to care for patients of such weight and this is typically in major metropolitan centres perhaps a long distance from their home. In other cases access to subsidised medication ortypes oftreatments surgery is resricted and not all automatically have the right to these.
on access to health services on ethical grounds applying appropriate ethical principles. Within your arguments apply the Code of Ethics for
Nurses in Australiaand also comment on the obligations this may place on Nurses