The Caribbean Region

The Caribbean Region
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The Caribbean Region is a diverse area with resembling local history that is still far from the same. In a comparative essay, you will choose three Caribbean Countries (rimlinds, or island chain), of three different Colonial influences (Spanish, English, Dutch, French, Danish, etc.), and complete a 5-7 page paper on these three locations.
Your paper should include an overview, analysis, comparison, and view to causes of any present day social, cultural, etc. ill plaguing these societies. Students should also look at the socio-political organizational differences, as well as the impact of slavery. You are also free to address other topics that you found exceptionally interesting, for example, something you never expected to be the same or different.
Papers must include proper references and citations. This assignment is due on May 29, 2015. All papers must include citations and references when necessary, and should be edited for grammar and organization. This assignment is valued at 25% of your final grade. Blackboard Assignment I is due on May 29, 2015.
Blackboard Assignment #1 will be graded on the following basis:
Structure, Grammar and Organization – 60%
a.Progresses logically
b.Clearly stated supporting ideas
c.Clearly identified connections
d.Minimum grammatical errors and punctuation issues
e.Citations and references (if necessary) are properly written
II.Examination of Countries – 40%
a.Clearly identified comparisons
b.attempts to link perspective to comparisons
c.justifies opinions/ views with valid reflection