presentation will be work out from this part of article:

presentation will be work out from this part of article:
Other advisors, like Tom, who have
joined AFS have reported dissatisfaction with the narrow focus oftheirjob. Advisors are allowed to specialize in only one product type
(e.g. insurance, lending or financial planning). This means that they are not able to utilize the full range oftraining that they have
gained from their education and professional qualifications. Furthermore, Tom values honesty and integrity, and feels that the narrow focus
of his job limits his ability to provide an unbiased and comprehensive suite of services to clients. Another negative aspect ofthe job is
that advisors are not rewarded or given sufficient time to complete the necessary continuing professional development needed to maintain
their license. The state manager, Luke Morgan believes that the advisors should complete such training in their own time
The state manager
makes all key decisions and rolls these out to the advisor network. The advisors are frustrated that they do not have any say in the types
of products and services they can offer customers.
The part i should do is Job Satisfaction and Development, Health and Well being of
this is my teammates suggest me to do:
4.Job Satisfaction and Development
-Employees scope ofjob is very limited as there is a
narrow focus on product type and what to offer clients
-the skilled employees are unable to utilise their training and skills due to the