Managerial Economics

Managerial Economics
Order Description
The essay will include comments on the following points but the comments are not limited to all these points. you are encouraged to think about other relevant points that may be important for the chosen company ( samsung ) you are researching. The essay will be including charts, tables and bibliography.
In your essay you will consider and address the following points:
(a) What kind of market (Perfect Competition, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly or Monopoly) the company belongs to?
(b) What is the Price Elasticity of Demand for the goods that the company sells? Is the demand elastic or inelastic?
(c) What kind of income elasticity the product(s) of the company face?
(d) Who are their closest competitors?
(e) Are there any close substitutes or complements?
(f) Is the demand for the product of your chosen company growing? Explain why?
(g) Can the labor force of your chosen company be trained further to increase productivity and lower cost of production?
(h) As a business is your chosen company profitable? Will it be able sustain profitability?
(i) How can it make its profit grow?
(j) Any other relevant factors?