Ethics Final Paper

Ethics Final Paper
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1) Can one believe that morality (and justice) are part of the furniture of the world, and at the same time hold to an atheistic and/or naturalistic worldview?
2) Consider Plato’s arguments for moral knowledge as offered in the Meno. Does Plato successfully offer us reason to believe in the reality of the good and the mysterious nature of moral knowledge, or should we tell a different story regarding this all?
3) Compare Aristotle or Sandel (esp. ch. 9-10) with Kant, Rawls, and the utilitarians. Which theory offers us the most successful theory of goodness and/or justice?
Please make sure that your paper includes a detailed analysis of the ideas and arguments found in the relevant readings and lectures.
Please single-space your paper. 1500 WORDS…Use Times New Roman. Put a title on it.
Please attach your paper as a word document. Title your document like this: Your Name Phil Ethics Paper 4.doc
1. Michael Sandel: Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? ISBN: 0374532508
2. Russ Shafer-Landau: What Ever Happened to Good and Evil? ISBN: 0195168739