Cross Cultural Management

Cross Cultural Management
Order Description
Look at the brand Maybelline (cosmetic brand owned by the L’oreal Group) and dress a cultural profile of the brand:
– Look at the information available (text as well as images) and develop a cultural profile for Maybelline by answering the following questions.
How does the brand deal with their employees? (flexible: gives them space to operate and innovate or inflexible: employees follow strict directives)
Do they have a more ‘being’ or ‘doing’ culture?
What kind of hierarchy do they have? (strong or weak hierarchy)
What is their timing culture? (polychronic or monochronic)
What type of affinity do they have with the group? (are they distant from L’oreal or are they under their management and obey to their orders)
What can we say about the employees behaviour and attire? (is it more formal or informal)
(no need for an introduction or conclusion since the work will be integrated into a term paper)