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The articles do not need to include information that is completely unique to each other. They do, however, need to be well written and entice the reader into wanting to learn more.
We also offer information about up and coming IPOs in the newsletter, so this is more that can be included in the articles.
Each article must have unique content, but concepts can be repeated.
When looking at small-cap companies, even when they are advertised to you everywhere you see, it is important to still do your own due diligence. Thankfully, through greater access to information from increased laws and the use of the Internet, this has become easier than ever. It is important to gain a full understanding of a small cap business, as well as how the company makes money and how it plans to grow. Also, ask yourself whether the company’s revenue is sustainable and determine whether it is making money. If not, how long will it be until the company becomes profitable? Does the company have the funds to sustain these losses?
If you want to try your hand at besting the big boys and doing your own research, tools are available to help you give it try. On the other hand, just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. This is why we offer extensive and exclusive due diligence on every company that we feature in our newsletters. We search for companies that have a great impact in their marketplace, and an idea as well as strategy to grow.
Individual investors have a larger impact today than ever before. First, the Internet provides the individual with the power to do his or her own research and make trades. Secondly, individuals advance their education every day thanks to the information provided in the financial press and newsletters such as ours. While professional investment firms still have vast resources not commonly available to individual investors, if you have the time and energy to do your own research, you can get equal access to the data. Overall, the Internet, investor education efforts and legislative changes have combined forces to reduce the individual investor’s dependency on large Wall Street brokerage firms. Simply subscribe to our newsletter, and you will witness this revolution first hand.