Watch two YouTube videos and report back on what you hear and see. These performances utilize many of the techniques of jazz that we have discussed.
Begin by statingthe name of the song and listing all of the instruments (not the names of the musicians) that are visible on the video. Watch the video repeatedly and look carefully. Then state which jazz style you would put this performance in (Early Jazz, or Swing Era, or Bebop). Did you hear any group techniques that we’ve discussed (such as collective improvisation or riffs)
Describe the roles played bythe piano, bass and drums. Here are some of the instrumental roles that we’ve discussed so far: ride pattern, comping, walking bass, stride piano, sticks or brushes on the drums. (See your lecture notes, your textbook and its Audio Primer CD, the Basic Jazz Terms (found on Blackboard in Course Documents) and the Jazz Video Demonstrations (Blackboard).
Then list a sequence of events from the beginning to the end of the song. These could include: an introduction, melody statements (the “head”), solos (by which instrument, in the correct order), trading between soloists, an ending, and so forth.
Then selectone solo within your chosen song to describe in more detail. State which solo you’ve chosen. How did the solo progress from beginning to end? In your view, was the solo successful? Why or why not? What was your emotional response to it?
End your report with at least four complete sentences describing your emotional response to the overall performance. Was it pleasing to you? Why or why not? Was there anything specific about it that you liked? Anything specific you did not like?