Select Five of The Follwing questions :

1) Different depositional envrionments are affected by different energy regimes, for example a beach environment is very high energy. As a result of this variation in energy different sedimentary structures result. Please discuss how energy regimes affect the type of sedimentary structure formed. Please use examples to explain the different energy regimes.
2) Name two of the key siliciclastic reservoirs in the Arabian Gulf. Explain how they formed, and what key elements of the sediments they formed in make them suitable reservoirs.
3) Examine the following image. What is this image showing? How has climate affected oceans through time? How do we know about this alteration?
4) What is the carbonate factory? How does abiotic carbonate differ from biotic carbonate? How is the carbonate factory affected by depth and temperature? How do you think the tropical carbonate factory differ from the cool water carbonate factory? You may use figures to illustrate your point. (10 points)
5) There are many different envionrmnets in which silicicalstic rocks are deposited. Discuss two of the environments in which siliciclasticdeposist can be found and the types of deposists we may find in them. Your answer should include information about the grain size of that material, how the method of deposition affects the material deposited, is it rounded? Or angular? What types of sedimentary structures do we find in association with these deposits?
6) Passive margins are very important to the formation of petroleum. What is a passive margin? How is it different to an active margin? What types of deposist would you expect to find in a passive margin? Why are they good places for the formation of petroleum? What type of sedimentary sturctures would you expect to find in these passive margin environments?
7) There are two main types of weathering. What are they? How do they affect the types of deposist that we find? How do Stalactites and stalagmites (speleothems form)? What is a coloumn? What types of process contribute to there formation? You may illustrate this using a figure.
8) Climate has a great impact on the type of deposits we find. Using two examples discuss how climate affects sediment deposists. What type of deposits do we find in the climate regime you selected? Why does this climate result in this type of sediment?