Failure helps me learn

Decide which position you will take, whether you will agree with the statement or disagree with it. Obviously, if you brought your own you will write an essay in which you show reasons WHY you believe it.
Lead into your essay with an intro that grabs the reader’s attention. Among the wasy to do that are with a question(“When was the last time you went without a meal?””When you are eighty years old, what will you regret that you didn’t do?”), a quotation, a startling statement, a metaphor, some statistics, or a brief description.
Develop your essay with supporting examples and details drawn from your observation, personal experience, and, if relevant, your reading. Tell not only what you believe, but show how this belief came to be. Has it become stronger over time? If so, why? Be specific about how this belief was formed, if it has been tested, and if you think it will change in the future. An anecdote(story that illustrates the point) may be helpful. You may use dialogue, the exact words of what people have said related to the topic.
As you reach a conclusion, there should be no need to use the words”This I believe” if you have done an effective job of supporting your main idea. Remeber that there is a persuasive element to this topic; you want people to see things your way.