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Write a Literature Review. link what you have to say with what others have written about in the past. This
preliminary literature review needs to show the understanding of the proposed topic more thoroughly.
Based on the attached proposal, kindly make the required researched area in details. Try to identify and review
several peer reviewed empirical journal articles or reputable magazines. The appropriateness and quality of these
articles should be high.
These articles should be related to each other and thus can be integrated to present a more complete view of research
in the field. The nature of this literature review is both integrative and methodological. Therefore, it is
suggested, but not essential that the review should not be simply a summary of each of the papers reviewed. Rather,
it must:
1. Analyze the focus of the study for each article and how its theoretical/conceptual framework (including concepts,
constructs, theories and their relationships) was derived from the literature;
2. Describe and critically evaluate the research methods used and discuss how they may influence the findings, and  their strengths and limitations;
3. Analyze the findings and their contribution to theory or knowledge development or business management practice;
4. Present an integrated account of the articles reviewed in terms of theories and concepts (including theoretical
framework, models, and relationships between the concepts), research methods employed, and the contributions; and
5. Identify research gaps based on the outcomes of the articles reviewed.