human geography of London

Giving evidence from your own analysis, evaluate the potential and limitations of TWO of the below sources for
researching one of the following aspects of the human geography of London: a)Transport b)Sport c)Kings Cross
1. The 1891 and/or 1901 census (full data available from local record offices, partial online data at
2. Google images (
3. The Charles Booth Online Archive (
4. The Collage Image Database ( or a database of historical
(1840-1914) photographs of London.
5. The ‘Times Digital Archive 1785-1985’ and/or ‘19th-century British Library Newspapers online’ and/or The
Illustrated London News’ (
6. The Museum of London, London Voices archive
7. The Kings Cross Voices archive (
available in more detail at relevant libraries)
8. The London Metro newspaper (
9. The Visit London Images website (
10. You tube (
11. Museum of London on ‘London and the Olympics’
You should also draw on readings and demonstrate that you can critically evaluate your chosen sources in terms of
what exactly they tell you about your topic of interest and how amenable they are to social scientific enquiry.
incorporate and discuss extracts of the data available from each of your sources to exemplify your argument. These
may be in the form of quotations, images, tables and others.