The Newsletter Assignment
The newsletter assignment gives you an opportunity to do some research and to exhibit your creativity in developing
the newsletter. It also includes documentation and an annotated works cited.
Choose an extensive web site related to healthcare to explore and evaluate. Remember to consider criteria for
evaluating a web site. Such items as reliability, credibility, author and his/her credentials, ease of navigation,
additional links, date last updated, and Works Cited are important in judging a site.
Write an evaluation of the site including ways to use the site and explaining to whom the site would be useful.
Create a mini-newsletter (magazine) in which the evaluation of the site you chose becomes the main article of the
1. Investigate three other sites related to the topic, giving only brief, one-to-two-paragraph descriptions of those
sites. Include information on what the sites contain, the usefulness of the sites, and links to other sites. Add any
other information you deem appropriate.
2. Name your newsletter and create a table of contents for it with the four items, the major article along with the
three shorter articles.
3. Include an annotated works cited at the end of the newsletter.
4. Add any other tidbits you would like to finish your newsletter, such as little fillers of quotations, cartoons,
appropriate, clean jokes, or notes on using the Internet.
5. Use your imagination.