Ethics and Me: An Ongoing Conversation with Yoursel

Write a paper and include all of the following in an organized, thoughtful essay:
1. Talk briefly about an ethical dilemma you experienced or witnessed during the last few months.
2. Rank the “Values” listed on the back of this page in order of importance for yourself and briefly discuss why
you selected the values you chose as your top four most important and why you selected the four values you chose for
the least important. Come up with and specifically state your own “values mission statement.”
3. Choose and read 4 articles that relate specifically to unethical activities that led to the current downturn
in the US Economy from 4 different 2012 Business Publications (e.g., WSJ, Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, etc).
Discuss and critique these articles (2 pages max for this part—NOT per article). Be sure to reference these articles
properly according to the OU College of Business Communication Standards that you learned in the Cluster. NOTE—the
articles you use must relate to ethical decisions made or not made and you must discuss this aspect in reference to
each article. Each article must be discussed separately, and with the appropriate references within the body of the
paper, in addition to the list of references at the end. NOTE that one of your 4 articles is being provided for you
(and is not from 2012), “Creating an Ethical Culture.” NOTE that all other articles MUST be from 2012.
4. Define social responsibility and economic responsibility (this needs to be more than one or two sentences).
Compare and contrast these two things and explain how you think they relate to each other (could be positive and/or
negative relationship).
5. Relate your value structure, based on the values rankings you did, 1) to the ethical dilemma you are  including in this essay, 2) to the ideas of social and economic responsibility and 3) to the articles you read.
Consider and discuss the following as you think about this:
What would cause you to “bend” your value structure, or “step over the line” so to speak. Do you have a line in your  mind that you are unwilling to cross? Should you have? What defines this line? If you would not step over this line,  how close to the line are you willing to get, and how often? Do you have a decision model for making such choices?