Depression, how would you work psychoanalytically with this diagnosis?

look at :Key psychoanalytic findings are the connection between loss and depression and the importance of working
through experiences of separation and loss. Focus on the etiology of depression, and the role of mourning from the
perspective of traditional psychoanalysis( S. Freud and M. Klien) and attachment theory( J.Bowlby) to more
contemporary ideas of psychodanamic thinking( P.Fonagy) .Also why the subject is interesting for the writer and what
it brings.
The essay has to have a a clear structure and include an introduction, main text with subheadings and a conclusion.
The academic content must include course materials , evidence of independent research with primary and secondary
sources and an original and creative approach to the subject and critical analysis using appropriate conceptual
The essay must show and advanced and sophisticated level of theoretical knowledge and showing the applicability of
ideas to clinical practice through case example.
Self-reflexibility plus showing that I have an awareness of my own bias and sensitivity to diversity and
prejudice.What are my thoughts and how I understand them ?
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