analytical report

Write an analytical report including supporting tables and graphs, on the financial aspects of Great Portland
Estates. The financial statements can be obtained from
The report should contain the following:
• A brief description of the company
• Performance evaluation from the point of view of UK shareholders/ potential investors:
a. Compute relevant financial ratios (liquidity, profitability, efficiency, solvency and investment ratios) for
the company over the last three years (20010, 2011 & 2012), interpret and critically evaluate your findings. All
calculations must be included in the appendix.
b. An inter firm comparison related to the industry or main competitor (where possible). This should include a
discussion of the reliability of this analysis.
• Identify and explain the capital structure of the company and its impact on the risk borne by a UK investor.
• Explain the classification and accounting treatment of different types of property within the company’s
financial statements.
• Recommendations on possible course of action.
Define and use accounting and financial terms when analysing annual reports.
Critically analyse, interpret and evaluate corporate annual reports.
Identify trends in organisations’ performance;
Critically examine the role of financial information obtained from the financial statements in corporate decisions,
including property;
Show a critical awareness of the principles and use of financial accounts.