The Odyssey

USING examples from 3 of the “books/episodes” we read, create a “character analysis” of one of Homer’s characters in “The Odyssey” and how it affected the success of the entire famous story.
CHOOSE 3 of the following for your 3 main points to prove your thesis and cite quotes from to back up your points:
The Odyssey, Book V (Calypso)
The Odyssey, Book VI (The Princess)
The Odyssey, Book IX (lines 110-593)
The Odyssey, Book X (lines 143-620)
The Odyssey, Book XI (Circe)
The Odyssey, Book XIII (Athena)
The Odyssey, Books XVII-XX (the beggar at the palace)
The Odyssey, Books XXI-XXIV (revenge and reunion)
CHOOSE ONE of these sentences as your “Thesis Statement” around which to create your short essay.
1. Odysseus is a hero, because…
2. Odysseus is NOT a hero, because…
3. Athena is the true reason that Odysseus succeeds, because…
4. “The Odyssey’s” women are the reason that Odysseus succeeds in his quest, because….
CHOOSE ONLY THREE (3) of the following women, one for each of your THREE (3) main points:
1) Athena
2) Penelope
3) the Princess
4) Circe
5) Calypso
Finish your chosen sentence above, by filling in after your choice’s “because.” Choose something about his/her/their character as you’ve seen in these episodes, that is, characteristics important to the story’s plot and outcome and success as a great story for the ages she;
Charming? Flawed? Cunning? Devotion? Clever? Proud? Determined? Loyal? Loving? Persistent? Resilient? Obsessed? Irresponsible? Unfaithful? Reckless? Selfish? Selfless? Wily? Brave? Bold?
(What might be others? Come up with your own from the episodes that will prove your point–just make sure to have THREE of them for THREE paragraphs/quotes/analysis. Anything is fine, but ask me first.)