Senior business executives’ time is quite precious. In line with this you are to produce a short briefing paper addressing one of the following strategic issues. The briefing paper should take the form of a memo to the board of the relevant organisation, and should draw upon your understanding of Strategy course material and any other relevant topics from your degree. Your work should be up-to-date and reflect your research skills (whilst including citations etc).
a) Postal services around the world have struggled to maintain revenue streams in the face of increased use of email and online technologies. Royal Mail has been particularly badly affected. Discuss ways in which Royal Mail can leverage its value chain in a manner that may allow it to remain a viable operation.
b) The book retailer Waterstones has faced an increasingly difficult trading environment in recent years, given competition from internet retailers. Discuss how Waterstones adds value and suggest ways it can ensure its survival.
c) The British toy maker Hornby has been successful in diversifying and maintaining competitiveness over the past twenty years, but its sustainability as a company has been threatened after sales of its Olympic merchandise fell well short of expectations. Discuss how the company could adapt its strategy to reverse its fortunes.
d) Research in Motion (RIM), maker of the Blackberry mobile phone, has performed poorly as consumers have moved toward other smartphones. Discuss how RIM might position Blackberry’s operating system in a manner that will sustain the company’s position.