Stereotyped Perceptions

Stereotyped Perceptions: Go to the following website:
• Find the following link near the bottom of the page: “Take a test at Project Implicit’s website…”
• Click on the Implicit website link.
• Once you arrive at the web page, click on the left button: Demonstration
• Read the introduction and follow the link: “Go to the demonstration Tests”
• Read the preliminary information and disclaimer. Follow the link: “I wish to proceed.”
• Read the description of one of the following 4 assessments: age, gender/sex, ethnicity/race, or religion, that you are interested in taking to ensure you have any knowledge required. Click the button for that assessment.
When you have completed one assessment, record your results. Answer the following questions:
1) What was the assessment?
2) What did the results tell you?
3) What is your reaction to these results?
4) What did you learn from this activity?
5) How can you use this information to be more effective at school and work in the future?
• Return to the IAT website and select another assessment and complete that assessment. When you are done, complete the same set of questions for the second assessment.