Project Management review

For a project with which you are familiar ,you are required to write a report that review the project management theoretical concepts,framework and principles discussed in the recommended textbook for this course(shtub 2005).
a) Briefly describe your chosen project,highlight its characteristics,life cycle,phases and the most important activities in each phase of its life cycle–use a simple,waterfall.spiral and or iterative life cycle model to present or illustrate this project.
b) Critically review the approach taken to managing the project you selected in part (a), and discuss the main characteristics of the approach that may have contributed to its success and/or failures – the review must include discussion on the appropriate/inappropriate use of theoretical principles, concepts, models/framework discussed in this module
c) Critically evaluate the control systems used in the chosen project, especially how effectively or ineffectively the control systems application deal with risks and uncertainty to the project
d) As a summary/conclusion, on the basis of what you researched for this assignment, describe the skills, characteristics and responsibilities of an effective project manager.
make appropriate use of the concepts, principles and frameworks from the project management course topics below (or similar topics from the recommended textbooks, academic journals and case studies):
For part (a) and (b), read chapter 2 – Process Approach to Project Management, A. Shtub (2005) or similar chapters from recommended academic materials on life-cycle models, the application of waterfall model for software development. The basis of your evaluation for the selected process/approach must make use of/references to the PMBOK and Processes in the Project Life Cycle.
In part (c) read chapter 8 chapter 12 – Project Control, A. Shtub (2005) or similar chapters from recommended academic materials on measurements for project controls, common forms of project control, the earned value (EV) approach and, integrating the OBS and WBS with cost and schedule control before attempting a response.