Introduction of Hampton Hotels Franchise into the New Emerging Hospitality Market of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Learning Outcomes: at the conclusion of this course, the student will be able to:
1. Demonstrate and enhanced ability to read and think critically and define, design, develop a research process that would be applicable in a business context.
2. Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the research process and the application of appropriate research approaches, methods and techniques to the development of evidence-based knowledge.
3. Apply appropriate analytical and interpretive methods and tools to process and present data and information.
4. Recognise the need and be able to apply personal competence in structured research approaches in order to achieve success in the hospitality, tourism, sport and/or event industries.
5. Apply the critical techniques of academic referencing as specified in the Glion Referencing Manu
Gives background to the theory, concepts, and perspectives of the issues and problems considered.
Provides the rationale from a business research perspective
Identifies the organization and the rationale for selecting this organization to be used in this study.
Explains the broad internal consultancy role that you would be providing in carrying out the research.