Events proposal, an event portfolio, the event has to be based in the university of east london.

Part 1. Event proposal
produce an event proposal . The proposal is to be for an event to be staged at the University of East London’s Docklands campus.
The event proposal must incorporate separate sections for the:
• Marketing plan
• Finance plan
• Human resources plan
Part 2. Event management reflective statement
explain how you have applied appropriate event management techniques in your event proposal.
• Analyse the key considerations associated with live touring,
booking methods and be able to critically explain the roles of
agents and promoters– in both the UK and internationally
• Distinguish the varying needs associated with planning of tours
and individual events at venues in relation to all music genres,
be these classical or contemporary
• Discuss the critical business issues associated the management
of venues and the planning of tours
• Plan tours whilst ensuring the basic legal and tax requirements
of the sector are considered and adhered to
• Construct appropriate marketing, budgeting and other relevant
tour schedules and plans
• Assess budgetary and marketing priorities in promotion
• Identify and implement best practice within the sector