Computer Science

? Consider your field of study or career interest. Find current articles/information related to Computers/Networks/Technology/Software. For example: New software, new hardware devices, new network devices, new wireless tools or any new use of technology – RFID, Wireless, Nanotechnology, or laser devices which you read about in your textbook. If your major is undecided consider research on Smart homes, smart cars, or anything to do with improving our national electrical grid.
? You will include a bibliography with links to the articles with your paper and in text citations for information you use from the articles. Be sure your citations include the names and dates of the journal for each article or website. You can use WORD References/citations and bibliography to add your citations and bibliography to your paper.
o You must have at least one article which fully describes or explains the technology and one or two more to use to show how the technology is used.
o at least two paragraphs explaining how the technology works
o and two paragraphs describing how you see this impacting society/business/individuals in your field .
? Create a PowerPoint slide show to cover the highlights of your project.