compare between 2 things , first is the book that we are using in the class which is 75 reading plus, and the other thing is three articles we summurised and write a response then choose one of the article and write a letter to the editor

A. Considering race, gender, politics, and class, how are the two discourse communities similar? Different?
B. Considering language and form, how are these two discourse communities similar? Different? You may want to pay attention to paragraphing, sentence style, vocabulary, use of sources, and any other relevant writing conventions.
C. When you repackaged the academic response as a letter-to-the-editor response, you had to make language choices. Which issue did you choose and why? What criteria or process did you use to limit your response to 200 words? For example, how did you determine what to keep or delete?
D. Based on your experience in writing in two different genres (an academic response and a letter to the editor) and in two different discourse communities (1st year writing class and online subscriber forum for The San Bernardino Sun newspaper, what are some of the most noticeable differences in terms of can be said and how it can be said. Be sure to provide some specific examples to support your analysis.
E. Which of the two discourse communities do you feel more a part of? Why? What could you do that would better prepare you to become a more meaningful contributor to one or both of these discourse communities?