Case study

A 22 year old college student named Mike went to the student health center complaining of yellow discharge from his
penis, painful urination and fever. Mike reported that he has recently broken up with his long term girlfriend and
started dating again. Mike lives in the college dorm with a roommate who is currently ill with Mononucleosis. Lab
results indicate the presence of gram-negative diplococci in the fluid sample taken from Mike’s penis.
1. What microorganism do you believe is to blame for this illness? Provide background information on this organism,
history, morphology, virulence factors, toxins, etc…
2. What information from the patient’s symptoms contributed to your decision? Did this information allow you to rule
out any other possible culprits? What information from the patient’s history and/or lab samples that contributed to
your decision? Support your answers with factual evidence and logical reasoning.
3. What is the epidemiology of this disease? Identify risk factors for this disease and describe the disease
course/outcome in humans.
4. What steps can be taken to treat the illness? How and why are the treatments effective (or ineffective)? Are there
any concerns or other complications of this disease?