Video team paper

The team did venture with The Race for the Cure registration do Section 3: Conclusions & Section 2a: The team
Grading Rubric for Team Paper
Section 1: The project
The first one to two pages of the paper will describe the task that the team undertook.
• Begin with a description of the importance of the service that your team completed (why was it important
to help the chosen organization/cause).
• Describe the details (when, where, how, etc.) of the project. This section should give the reader an
overview of what you did as a team and as individuals.
• Clarify how much time your team devoted to volunteering.
• Discuss the project’s success or failure.
Section 2: The process
The next section will focus on the process by which the teams achieved their outcome and will become easier to
write as we cover the material in the course.
Section 2a: The team
• Begin this section with a brief discussion of the stages of group development for your team. Describe
what occurred in each stage.
• Was the behavior of the members of the team consistent with their Big-5 personality profiles?
Section 2b: Team processes
• Describe the goals of the team? Were they SMART goals?
• Did members of the team engage in social loafing?
• Did you work as a group or a team? Did you achieve positive synergy? Provide specific examples
demonstrating the presence or absence or synergy and why you were a group or a team.
Section 2c: Leadership Discuss the role that leadership played within the team.
• Discuss the extent to which you believe a leader was present in the team. Was the leader a formal
(elected) or informal (simply emerged) leader.
• Does the personality profile of the team members correspond with research evidence on who is likely to
emerge as a leader?
• Analyze the leader based on behavioral leadership theory.
• What conclusions, if any, did you reach about the costs and benefits of having a leader (formal or
informal) in a self-managed work team?
Section 3: Conclusions (
• End the paper with a discussion of what you learned about working in a team.
• Discuss recommendations for improving the operations of the team.
• If you were to work together in the future, what would you do differently as a result of what you’ve
learned from working together this semester?
Pick a topic from the textbook when writing
Ex) how the goal was a SMART goal?
– overlay the course concept in the video
-focus on the concept/ content
-timing is important