federal emergency grant

The purpose of this session long project is to provide the opportunity to extend your understanding of
education in emergency. For the SLP project you are going to develop the groundwork for preparing to write a
grant to get external funding for a school district to improve its emergency preparedness. You will not write
the grant but you will select a school district, analyze its current plan from four different dimensions,
discuss their current status and what needs to be developed, then you will asses an overall narrative discussion
portion of the grant. This may require contacting local school officials to gain insights and access to
Your SLP project will focus on the Federal Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plans Discretionary Grants
offered through the Department of Education. See the grant application at this site: Grant Application. Pay
particular attention to Selection Criteria and Application Contents, and Program Narrative. The final SLP essay
will develop the Program Narrative as it applies to the Selection Criteria.
In a narrative essay discuss your response to the following
-Investigate your resources for information on the current state of affairs regarding the fourth phase of the
emergency operations plan. Determine what is working, and what could be improved.
-Describe the current state of affairs.
-Critically analyze what needs to be improved and how it could be improved. It may be helpful to examine model
programs from other states and districts to get ideas. See the background references for links and more
information. Pay particular attention to the grant application Selection Criteria and how these resources and
features will inform your Program Narrative.
-Integrate all modules SLP essays into one final essay. The comprehensive essay should have a logical flow to
the ideas. Make sure to include an overall introduction, a comprehensive body developed from the 5 module
components, and a conclusion.