Collecting and analyzing data

explore how new technology, including social media and online classrooms, affect students’ experiences in
How does social media affect academic engagement among undergraduate students? How do students use social media
to aid their learning, or does it hinder learning? For which social groups is social media effective for
part 1
Completed survey questionnaire.
2. Qualitative interview transcript. Attach the transcript (i.e. the word-for-word typed out notes or detailed
typewritten notes from the 1 in-depth qualitative interview you conduct. On the transcript/notes, you must
provide details of the name, gender, age and ethnic ancestry of the individual interviewed and the date,
location and start and end times of the interview. .
Part II. Qualitative data analysis
Read over the interview transcript and highlight or underline important and interesting quotes and identify the
themes. List the themes and explain them.
Part III. Methodological critique and insights
Based on your experiences conducting the survey and in-depth interview, provide a methodological critique and
discussion of the survey and qualitative interview as well as a reflection on the process and your experience.
In the critique and discussion, address what you found to be the key similarities and differences in the
methods. Compare their relative advantages and disadvantages. As a researcher, which data collection method do
you prefer? Why? Is one method over the other more appropriate for the topic? Why? If you were to design a new
study on this topic, what would you do differently? What other questions would you have asked? Did the
respondent provide any feedback to you on the study?
In your reflections, discuss how you felt about process of collecting data, from respondent recruitment to
conducting each interview to saying good-bye. Were there any moments that suggested to you that either interview
(i.e. structured or semi-structured) was going well or not well? Why was it going well or not well? How could
you tell? Would you do things differently if you had to do another interview? What did you like/dislike about
conducting the survey? What did you like/dislike about conducting the qualitative interview? Did you face any
ethical dilemmas? If so, identify these and discuss how these were addressed.