A Case for Censorship?

Discussion of a contemporary case of an offensive work of art.
Choose one case of work of art that became the subject of public debate and
controversy, and possibly, trial. Present the case and discuss arguments in
favor and against censorship. Determine your stance on the issue and your
judgment of this particular work.
Next discuss how does the fact that the work is morally problematic relate to its artistic success? Does it a)
undermine the quality of the work? or is it b) neutral to the
quality of the work, or does it c) positively contribute to its quality by
making the work more interesting, more appealing to some people, and/or more
Your discussion should show that you
– understand the principles of the freedom of speech, as defended by John
Stuart Mill
– are able to understand the problem of implementing these principles in the
actual laws of the state
– understand problematic cases which challenge the principles and the laws
implementing them
– are able to make a suggestion how to resolve such problematic cases- understand criteria of aesthetic and
artistic success
Your response should be 2-3 pages long, double spaced.