Movie : brian's Song

Movie: Brian’s Song that is on youtube
Write a five paper discussing issues from textbook
The focus of this paper should be on the issues of
discussed in Chapters 8-10 regarding relationship development.
However, you can discuss any relevent issues you see in the film
that have been discussed in the course (i.e. culture and self, etc.) As always support any statements you make with concrete examples both from the film and text book.
1. what role does cultural differance play in the relationship between Gale Sayers & Brian Piccolo?
2. Is Gale’s shyness and example of eye avoidance?
3. Are the any specific examples of the function of silence anywhere in the film?
4. Are the examples of Expectancy Violations Theory anywhere any where in the film?
5. What would gale Sayers say about the advantages and disadvantages of his relationship with Brian Piccolo?
6. Chart the evolution of Gale and Brian’s relationship using the model on page 212
7. Is the friendship between Brian & Gale an example of 1) attraction theory 2) social exchange theory, or 3) equity theory?
8. What rules ( if any ) do you seee Brian & Gale following regarding their friendship?
9. Pick your own issues to examine.
The text book is called “The Interpersonal Communication book”
Third custom edition for Fresno City College
By Joseph A. Devito’s-song-9202a8c04000641f80000000006daa68 to watch the movie called Brian’s Song