As you well know, the Suite Spot chain of hotels is growing rapidl

As you well know, the Suite Spot chain of hotels is growing rapidly. Suite Spot managementintends to add at least 30 more properties in the next six months. At this time, our chainextends to all 50 states, and opportunities exist for international expansion. Given this rapidgrowth, maintaining corporate standards for decision making, financial management,promotions, and all other business processes has become more difficult than before. Executivesat our corporate headquarters in Omaha, NE, are looking at solutions to this issue.
To enhance communications, collaboration, and decision making among all our key employees,HQ departments, and hotel locations, we intend to deploy a computer-supported collaborativework solution. Such a system would allow all Suite Spot corporate executives and hotelmanagers to participate in specific meetings and ongoing discussions from their desks, theirhomes, or wherever they would connect to the Internet. A brief survey of the future users ofthis groupware system has demonstrated that they perceive this to be a positive idea, giventhat the system would allow people to discuss issues in real-time, as well as on a bulletin boardor Wiki, and allow them to share a variety of documents and images. To reduce the need fortravel, we will also need to incorporate multi-site video conferencing and the ability formultiple employees to collaborate on a single document – either simultaneously or not – usingthe system.
It is clear that given the time pressures and available expertise in our organization, in-housedevelopment is not an option. Hence you have been put in charge of researching availableproducts, their possibilities, options, and reliability, all of which you are to present in a formalreport to the Suite Spot executives.
As part of your report, you are to do the following:
• Introduce the report with a description of the issue and its importance.
• Establish at least 6 basic criteria for what you consider to be valuable attributes orfunctions of groupware. You should select these criteria so that you can objectivelycompare different groupware packages. For each criterion, describe why you consider itto be an important factor in the decision.
• Search for three alternative groupware packages for implementation at Suite Spot.Briefly introduce these packages and include a few source materials such as screen-shots or web-pages as appendices to your report.
• Compare the three groupware packages by your criteria. You may wish to rate eachpackage on how well it meets each criterion. Be certain to support your ratings withsolid arguments. When using a ratings system (such as “from 1 to 5”), be certain toexplain what these ratings mean.