A novel – One Amazing Thing

In your essay, you have several approaches to choose from:
Analyze the significance and use of space in the novel. How do the specific descriptions of space communicate
the meaning of the novel? How do the descriptions of the setting communicate ideas about power, social
relationships, gender, race, and/or class?
Explore and argue for your own interpretation of the novel, analyzing detailed quotes from the novel to support
your idea about the significance of the novel.
Focus on a specific literary technique or theme exhibited throughout the novel (imagery, symbol, diction,  figurative language) and discuss how that technique develops and changes over the course of the novel  contributing to the overall meaning of the novel.
Write an argumentative essay about a social or political issue raised by this novel, such as globalization or  gender. Use a combination of textural evidence and outside research to make a persuasive argument about how the  text provides insight into this issue.
For any of these topics, your main evidence will be quotes from the text. You will be graded primarily on how  well you select, incorporate, analyze, and interpret the quotes from the text, and how well you discuss the  development of the idea over the entire course of the novel, demonstrating comprehension of how the nuances  change throughout the text