Self-Reflection Assignment

Self-Reflection Assignment (1500 words)
This part of the assignment asks that you demonstrate that you can reflect on your own life and can begin to
see how different theoretical approaches might be used.
Describe a significant period of transition in your life.
How can different theoretical perspectives be applied to understanding your responses during and following
this period (choose 2 different theoretical perspectives).
What model helps you best understand this period of your life?
Guidelines for assignment
Describe a life event that was transforming in some way.
Describe how this was from your point of view. (You should use the first person in this part). Describe how
you felt you were before the event and how you had changed after the event.
If you cannot source an event from your own life, you can describe a character in a movie or something
described in the third person.
Then choose a theory that could be applied to the experience and describe what aspects of the experience can
be explained by that theory. E.g. A bereavement experience could be explained by a cognitive behavioural
approach. (the event, the emotional consequences and the beliefs about the event).
Then look at the same event again, but use a different theory that could be applied to it. E.g. the
bereavement experience could be explained by the psycho-dynamic approach described in Freud’s ‘Mourning and
Which of the theories or ‘models’ that you have applied helps you to understand this period the best?