prepare to teach in the lifelong learning sector.level 4(ptlls level 4) three tasks , one each on each page.

Task one.
analyse the different types of assessments and how these methods are used in lifelong learning.evaluate the
strenghts and limitations of these methods focussing on whether they meet the needs of the learners.
demonstrate an awareness of the different types of assessments you can use with your students within retail
security area.
show some of the benefits and limitations of these types of assessments.
In all the three tasks:explain the context,.the course i am teaching is retail security in merle training
The students are retail security guards.
please indicate some facts about how health and safety are ensured specifically in all the three tasks
Task Two:
explain the ways in which you can involve the learners in the assessment process and analyse the role of peer  and self-assessment.  guidelines:
explore ways in which you can make assessment at two-way process between teacher and learner  explore ways in which learners can help to assess themselves and each other.
Task Three:
show an awareness of the kinds of records you will need to keep with regards to assessment  explain why these different kinds of records are necessary
why we need to keep records?  what kind of record do we keep?