Introduce the topic of the article and why you chose it in one FULL opeing

-Identify and define the major topic of the article.
-Summarize the previous research discussed in the introduction of the article.
-Describe why the author(s)state more research is important or what has not been examined before.
-State the research question(s) the authors stated were being investigated.This may be quoted directly.
-PARTICIPANTS & PROCEDURE: Describe how the participants were enrolled in the study and any inclusion
criteria. Include location, if given, and demographic
information(e.g.,age,gender,race,education,income,sexual orientation, marital status). State what was NOT
mentioned about the participants or procedure.
-MATERIALS/MEASURES: The information collected from the participants such as questionnaires, physical
measures etc. If scales were used, includ their names and resonse choices (e.g.,0=none of the time to 3=all
of the time).
-Summarize the results in simple everyday language and be specific.
-Keep it simple:e.g., percentages, “X times more likey,” “the average for this group was higher than that
group,” “beliefs were significantly related to behavior.”
-Do not include statistical notations(e.g.,p<.001).
-Discuss THREE problems/limits with the research methods(e.g.,questions not asked that may have effected
results)that may have effected the validity of the research.You must state if the limits mentioned were
suggested by the author(s) or if they are your own critique of the research.
-Close the paper with a discussion of at least THREE things you learned (the results don’t count) that may
inform your practice or be helpful in your chosen career or major.